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The MenuMasters Spotlight

Each month we will shine a spotlight on the chefs who bring the joy of food to all of us. These stories tap into the most creative minds in menu innovation and how their passion for food drives their success in business and life. Enjoy personal chef-to-chef conversations, deep dive interviews with leading menu innovators and tons of new ideas and inspiration for your menu development strategies.
Featured Spotlight
Thomas Keller: 2022 Menu Masters Hall of Fame Inductee
September 1, 2022

"The extra strategy is not doing more work or doing the next thing. The extra strategy is finding an internal way to find a moment where you're able to influence, impact and change our profession. What's next is what we're doing today, and that's the most important thing."

— Thomas Keller
Featured Spotlight
Chefs Nick Graff and Jet Tila keep culture at the center of culinary innovation
September 1, 2022

“I think that entrepreneurs always love puzzles. I mean solving puzzles is probably the number one thing that gets me out of bed every day.”

— Jet Tila
Featured Spotlight
Chefs Cheryl Drummond and Hagop Giragossian on the magic of craft casual dining
August 1, 2022

“Unlock your brain, and you can take anything and make it a sausage. You could take any dish and make it a taco.”

— Cheryl Drummond
Featured Spotlight
Chef Tony Priolo knows food could save the world
August 1, 2022

“If something happens, chefs are first in line, that's what our careers have come to now. We are humanitarians.”

— Tony Priolo
Featured Spotlight
Chefs Jamie Carawan and Mark Rosati Want to Tell You a Story
June 30, 2022

“We want to create something that gets everyone jazzed. The team creating it, the operators executing it, the guests eating it. And to us, that's success.”

— Mark Rosati
Featured Spotlight
Matt Horn Mediates on Barbecue
June 30, 2022

“When you are pursuing your purpose, adversity is irrelevant.”

— Matt Horn
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    * MenuMasters is an invite-only event. Registration is open to restaurant professionals only. Informa reserves the right to decline a registration request due to company type and/or space capacity.